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Energy supply with LNG - positive outlook in Asia

Energy supply with LNG – Positive outlook in Asia

China, Indonesia, Mongolia: three giants rely on LNG for their energy supply Air pollution in China hits record levels time and again, especially in the north of the country. The main culprits are car exhaust fumes, steadily increasing energy demands...

/ 27. March 2018

Transformers: The right portion of voltage for everyone

From the model railway to the theme park: without transformers to supply the necessary power, you can't run anything

/ 21. October 2015

Transformer substations – hubs in our electricity grid

HEROSE has supplied, tried and tested valves for oil-cooled transformers for many years

/ 5. March 2015

Off shore is a challenge

This also applies to the transformers, without which it would not be possible to transfer the electricity ashore

/ 3. April 2013