Bio-LNG aus Kuhmist

Technology for the energy revolution: Turning manure and slurry into lorry fuel

Modern technology enables an environmentally friendly circular economy: the bio-LNG from Darchau is used as lorry fuel. Many HEROSE valves are used in the liquefaction of the biogas and storage of the fuel. It‘s whistling and hissing in the pipes...

/ 11. December 2023
The Richmond - Europe's first inland ferry with pure gas propulsion

Inland ferry with LNG gas propulsion – a clean connection

Europe‘s first inland ferry with pure gas propulsion goes into regular service on Lake Constance. HEROSE valves are on board. The Constance – Meersburg ferry service has been in service since 1928 and was a success story right from the...

/ 23. August 2023
Wasserstoff Lagerung

With liquid hydrogen safety is the top priority

HEROSE offers reliable technological solutions for the entire hydrogen value chain Big plans cast their shadows ahead: the transformation to a hydrogen economy is becoming more and more evident in Germany – numerous projects are in the planning stage or...

/ 5. April 2023
Wasserstofftechnologie auf Schiene

Getting hydrogen technology on track

A gas handling unit from Argo-Anleg with valve technology from HEROSE

/ 30. November 2022
Stickstoff tiefkalt Milchkuh Besamung

Dairy cow on ice – High-tech in the cowshed

Cattle semen is transported via cryogenic logistics chain and modern reproduction methods ensure animal welfare and productivity.     State-of-the-art reproduction methods are used to ensure optimal cattle offspring. Cattle semen from the best bulls is transported internationally to customers...

/ 10. August 2022
Hybrid drive: with LNG and battery into the eternal ice

Hybrid drive: with LNG and battery into the eternal ice

A modern hybrid drive system and sophisticated HEROSE valve technology take the cruise ship Le Commandant Charcot to spectacular places and ensure excellent environmental compatibility.     The ship pushes almost silently past some small icebergs. Due to all the...

/ 25. May 2022
Synthetically manufactured LNG

The Green Alternative: Synthetic LNG

The power-to-gas plant in Werlte, Lower Saxony, has been a pioneer in the production of green energy since 2013 and relies on HEROSE valves for methane liquefaction. In autumn 2021, the ship ElbBLUE will sail for the first time with...

/ 15. December 2021
Sauerstoff für Südamerika

Oxygen for South America

Sophisticated logistics processes and modern valve technology help to supply the world with atmospheric gases. The pandemic brings medical oxygen into focus. Specialist for atmospheric gas transport via tank containers Air gases are often produced where they are used –...

/ 21. September 2021
HEROSE Service Team

How service works – installation, testing, maintenance

The valves and fittings that HEROSE offers meet the highest standards of sealing and quality. However, they also have to be correctly installed, tested and maintained – only then can they display their strengths to the full. Solutions gleaned from...

/ 11. June 2021