Oil and grease absence

Why the absence of oil and grease is so important

Lubricants can easily be ignited whenever oxygen comes into play Shut-off valves are installed in many industrial systems; usually, the screw threads (spindle threads) must be lubricated with oil and grease to reduce friction. This process, which in almost all...

/ 24. November 2011

Clean performance in sterilizers – with HEROSE safety valves

Sterile instruments are a must before each operation. The MMM company is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sterilizers. A press coverage from the plant in Brno     Infections represent by far the greatest threat to our health....

/ 28. June 2010
LNG growth in Spain

LNG: Growth not just in Spain

The market for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is becoming increasingly important. The very highest demands are made on the shut-off valves. HEROSE is the world´s market leader in cryo-valves In the opinion of experts, natural gas is the source of...

/ 26. October 2009

Cold chamber tested: HEROSE safety valves for the braking systems of Russian high speed train

As of December, the Velaro RUS high speed train now connects St. Petersburg with the Urals. This train, which is built by Siemens, uses HEROSE valves. Two of the eight trains ordered have already been delivered and are now undergoing...

/ 27. June 2009
HEROSE South America

Bom Dia e Buenos Dias, we´re coming!

HEROSE is extending its presence in South America with agencies in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro The efforts by HEROSE to show a greater presence in South America are bearing their first fruits: Now that DEBENELUX has...

/ 20. February 2009