HEROSE is extending its presence in South America with agencies in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The efforts by HEROSE to show a greater presence in South America are bearing their first fruits: Now that DEBENELUX has taken over the agency for Argentina, Uruguay and Chile on 1 June 2008, as of 1 October Qualitec Ltda. is now responsible for the Brazilian market. Volker Maass, Deputy Sales Manager for HEROSE, is primarily responsible for the extension of business contacts in South America: “We wish to take this step, because the market in South America is becoming increasingly important to us. With our contacts to the “big four” in the gas industry – Air Liquide, Linde, Praxair and Air Products – which also play a decisive role on this continent, it was increasingly apparent that a local agency is essential in order to expand business.” This presence is important for two reasons: Customers require local support in their own language, which is capable of reacting independent of the time difference to Germany, as well as local depots to provide better supplies.

The firm DEBENELUX with headquarters in Ituzaingo (near Buenos Aires) has been established since 2004 and is managed by Jorge Nussbaumer, an Argentinean of German origin. Together with a staff of five, the company specialises in the sale of technical products to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay from Germany and the Benelux countries. Volker Maass: “The company was recommended to us by a customer.” Amongst other reasons, Argentina is very important because the rapidly growing steel industry has a great demand for air separation plant.

HEROSE also followed the recommendation of a customer in its selection of an agency in Brazil. Volker Maass: “In Brazil, the market leader with over 60% is White Martins, which is a subsidiary of Praxair. During my last visit, the wish for a local HEROSE agency was expressed – and two or three companies were mentioned, which came into question for the provision of this support.” Ultimately, HEROSE decided on Qualitec Ltda. in Sao Paulo, whose manager is Marc Aurelio Casmalla. The sales office in Rio de Janeiro will be managed by Carlos Antonio Neves. Volker Maass: “We decided on Qualitec, simply because this company is very well suited to HEROSE. It is also a family business, and the structure and environment are very similar.”

There is a large market in Brazil for low temperature valves and fittings. Volker Maass: “Although there is a great deal of competition, we are optimistic that our quality will be successful, just as it has been in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.” The importance which HEROSE places on the South American market is shown by the participation in the Gasworld Conference in Santiago de Chile this January. There, Dirk Zschalich and Volker Maass extended existing contacts and made new contacts in Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Ecuador.

Photo: Carsten Wurr

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