Tag: Safety valves

Grain brandy

Good old Korn is hip at last

Now the wave of Craft beers and gin has subsided more and more fashionable bars are discovering grain spirits

/ 27. March 2018

Quality in safety valves from “Schwabenländle”

The Filderstadt company LORCH has now been a member of the HEROSE Group for thee years. Since then, the safety valve specialist has achieved a great deal

/ 20. July 2016

The line that everyone knows

Marking technology: road marking machines from Rellingen help to control traffic throughout the world. Always present: safety valves from HEROSE

/ 22. October 2015

Shaken and stirred: HEROSE safety valves in silo vehicles

Even when such vehicles are being built, safety has a high priority

/ 21. October 2015

Alternative soft drinks from the Rhön area with carbon dioxide

Bionade relies on nature - and does not use chemicals, colourings or preservatives. 300 tons of carbon dioxide are needed in Ostheim every year, from a tank with HEROSE valves

/ 6. November 2014

Spirits from Lake Constance – with Holstein distillation plants

Holstein is the world market leader in the construction of distillation plants - and a loyal HEROSE customer

/ 6. November 2014

Full steam up the Brocken Mountain in the Harz

HEROSE supplies valves to the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway for safe braking systems – in part of the fleet of vehicles ...

/ 15. July 2014

Better healing under pressure

HAUX headquartered at Karlsbad is the global market leader for the production of medical pressure chambers

/ 17. July 2013

When things get hot at the airport

The Austrian vehicle manufacturer is present at airports throughout the world: New rescue stairs with HEROSE valves

/ 4. July 2012