The most important manufacturers of silo vehicles in Europe are the firms Feldbinder and Spitzer. Both companies have been HEROSE customers for many years. From Bad Oldesloe, they obtain series 06505 safety valves, which are produced in four nominal diameters of between one and two inches. Silo vehicle manufacture in Germany with Europe’s leading manufacturers: valvescommunity took a look behind the scenes.

Silo vehicles from Feldbinder: quality even with the smallest components

At the latest with a glance at the vehicle delivery park in Winsen/Luhe, guests of Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerke GmbH (FFB) can see that they are visiting a successful company. As every day, on this particular Monday there is a great deal going on. Vehicles are being moved, cleaned and the finishing touches made. And then they are closely lined up to await dispatch. Up to 15 silo trailers leave the factory in Winsen every day. Feldbinder GmbH is one of Europe’s market leaders in the construction of special vehicles. The company’s production is located on three sites with a total of about 1,300 employees – in Winsen/Luhe, in Wittenberg and in Sutton Bridge in the U.K. The main factory in Winsen, where about 550 people work, mainly produces silo semitrailers and tipping silo semitrailers. The aluminum bulk vessels are suitable for all silo products such as flour, wood pellets or PVC granules. Rainald Schulz, head of design engineering and production with Feldbinder in Winsen: “Normally the trailers have a total weight of 40 to 44 tons. However, we also build trailers with total weights of up to 60 tons for the Scandinavian region.”

For Feldbinder, the safety of its products has the very highest priority. “For example, we trained all of the 90 aluminum welders who are employed here ourselves”, said Schulz. Welding aluminum, is not so easy – but perfect seams are essential for the safety of the bulk vessels. Of course, prior to delivery the bulk vessels are subjected to a hydraulic pressure test (with a water pressure of 3 bar), and even for relatively small components, Feldbinder has used tried and tested products for many years: namely safety valves from HEROSE. Rainald Schulz: “With over 90 percent, HEROSE is clearly our main supplier in this field. We have never had any complaints about the deliveries – which is probably the greatest possible compliment to HEROSE quality.” In addition to the well-known quality of Feldbinder products, the short delivery times are also a competitive advantage. Rainald Schulz: “On average it takes six weeks from placing an order with us to delivery.” Feldbinder has invested heavily, so that in future, no-one will have to wait longer than necessary. In Winsen, two new production halls with a total area of about 7,000 square meters recently came into operation.

Silo vehicles from Spitzer: New technologies for tomorrow’s markets

Throughout the world, the name Spitzer stands for high-quality durable silo vehicles for transporting granulated bulk products.
Founded in 1872, Spitzer pioneered the fabrication of aluminium bulk vessels for silo vehicles. In 1950 the very first silo vehicle for transporting cement and soda was designed and built by Spitzer. At the end of the 60s production was concentrated entirely on the production of silo vehicles. Since then, more than 100 patents and industrial designs have been registered.
The main factory in Elztal-Dallau has a total area of 40,000 square metres, which together with the four other production sites in Germany, France and Hungary is being continuously expanded. In total, the group of companies employs over 800 people.
Every year about 1700 silo trucks leave the factories of the Spitzer group. Each order for a Spitzer vehicle is worked out in close cooperation with the customer and individually built according to the customer’s particular wishes and requirements. This close cooperation guarantees Spitzer customers a silo vehicle of the very highest quality and durability combined with a high payload and low weight. In 2006 Spitzer presented another innovation – a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic bulk vessel with a volume of approx. 60 m³. Ten vehicles are now undergoing test operation throughout Europe.
HEROSE, from Bad Oldesloe, has been Spitzer’s trusted supplier of the necessary safety valves for many years. Spitzer, one of the market leaders in Europe, is completely satisfied with HEROSE safety valves.
Throughout the world, Spitzer is represented by many branches, agencies and franchises.

HEROSE valves in use

Foto at the top: Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerke GmbH

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