ASCO Kohlensäure AG is a specialist concerning the topic dry ice – with safety valves from HEROSE

They are an essential aid on-board of an aircraft: service trolleys. Without them, it would almost be impossible for the cabin crew to serve passengers during the flight. In doing so, the trolleys are one thing in particular – they are practical: they roll conveniently through the narrow aisles and with their drawers and pull-outs, they are a mobile storage compartment and flexible counter at the same time. In the on-board kitchen, they fit standardised in the kitchen cell and when equipped with dry ice, they even stay as cold as a fridge for a few hours.

Dry ice keeps cold for up to ten hours

In airline catering, the requirements on the side of the user are high as the legally required legislation on foodstuffs demand a protected atmosphere for the storage and delivery of food and beverages. Cooling the foodstuffs with CO2 is the ideal prerequisite for a germ-free environment. The cooled foodstuffs are stored at 4° to 6° C using dry ice and thus guarantee an optimum temperature for up to ten hours. The ice is manufactured from liquid carbon dioxide and has a temperature of approx. – 79° C. During the production, the liquid CO2 is relieved under controlled conditions. Snow is produced by this physical process. Then, depending on the machine type, this snow is pressed to pellets, blocks or disks. Whereas the dry ice blocks and disks are mainly used for cooling purposes – at airlines, amongst others – the round, hard and millimetre large pellets are used as abrasives in dry ice cleaning.

Reputable manufacturer of dry ice is ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG. The company uses HEROSE cryogenic safety, globe and gate valves. Last but not least, the CO2 storage with ASCO has a high quality and is reliable.


Photo: kasto – Adobe Stock

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