Linde Healthcare ensures that the vital gas finds its way to patients throughout Germany. HEROSE valves guarantee proper and reliable functioning.



It’s Thursday morning, just after 8 o’clock

A dense fog surrounds the Linde oxygen tank at the HEROSE site in Bad Oldesloe. Özcan Demir, a driver for Linde Healthcare, is just filling the medical oxygen tank of his Opel Vivaro – in protective clothing. That is essential, because the slightest contact with the liquid oxygen at minus 183°C can be dangerous. And the fog? Özcan Demir: “Nothing to worry about. That’s medical oxygen escaping in gas form from the overflow valves of my tank. That always happens in winter during filling and has something to do with temperature differences.” Özcan Demir is one of 30 drivers in the north of Germany who supply private patients or nursing homes with medical oxygen from Linde Healthcare every day. One of the seven delivery points in the region at which the drivers refill their tanks every morning was set up at HEROSE. But HEROSE provides more than just a refill: Numerous valves from the company are installed in both the “mother tank” and in the vehicles. In addition to check, globe and control valves, these include gate valves, strainer and safety valves.

8.35 h: Öczan Demir leaves the HEROSE site

Destination today are 16 patients in the north of Hamburg. “I do five different tours a week,” says Demir, “and easily drive 4000 kilometres a month.” He knows most of his customers personally. They are generally people suffering from lung ailments who constantly need additional medical oxygen. “Closer ties develop over the course of time,” says Demir. “Now and again we have a cup of coffee together – and it’s always very sad when suddenly one of the customers dies.”

What do you like most about your job, Mr. Demir? “I don’t like office jobs, I like to work with people,” he says. “And I enjoy driving.” What are the biggest difficulties in your day-to-day work? “Narrow staircases and the frequent searches for parking spaces – and when I have to carry tanks up to the 6th floor.” Fortunately there is an automatic powered stairclimber that makes work easier.

Friedhelm Glenz is deputy fleet manager at Linde Healthcare in the North region. He used to drive himself, so he knows what problems the colleagues have to face. He ensures that new drivers are thoroughly trained. “The greatest danger for the drivers are cryogenic burns. One drop in your eye and you’re blind. That’s why it is so important to always wear goggles and gloves during filling.”

Linde Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers in the field of medical gases and represented in more than 60 countries. A worldwide turnover of 3.74 billion euros was generated in the 2016 business year. The headquarters in Germany are located in Oberschleissheim near Munich.

HEROSE has been an important supplier to Linde for many years

The top priority in Bad Oldesloe during the production of oxygen valves is to guarantee that the valves are cleaned and degreased for oxygen service in accordance with cleanliness standard EN 12300. Volker Jensen, Head of Innovation and  Development: “We employ only materials suitable for oxygen and cryogenic service recommended by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in our valves.” That applies to metallic and non-metallic materials and to all lubricants and anti-friction agents. The customer’s motto is: “Linde Healthcare gives you the air to breathe” – and HEROSE contributes reliably to this goal.


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