Every day, Özcan Demir and his two colleagues start their working day at HEROSE. There, they each fill 450 litres of liquid oxygen into their Sprinter vans from the large new Linde tank before they start their journeys through Northern Germany.

Demir: “Each of us supplies 8 to 10 patients with medical oxygen.”

Filling in Bad Oldesloe takes 15 minutes. The patients’ tanks each contain about 45 litres. The oxygen in the tanks is in liquid form. It only changes into a gaseous state when the patient extracts it. The new tank on the HEROSE premises was installed at the beginning of October and contains about 50,000 litres of oxygen. The filling level of the tank is monitored by UMTS: As soon as it falls below 30 %, new supplies are ordered automatically. The transportation and storage of the oxygen is governed by German pharmaceutical law. Accordingly, a sample was taken after the first filling in order to certify the oxygen in the tank for medical use. And – no joke: a package leaflet hangs on the tank.
The main d river for filling the large tank is Gerd Müller from the company Schmidt-Grewer Gastransporte GmbH. He has transported liquid gases for 13 years and is certified for all liquid gas products.

Photo: HEROSE GmbH

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