An interview with HEROSE managing director Dirk Zschalich.

MACK Valves is a valve manufacturer with a history of almost 80 years and two plants in Melbourne (Australia) and Pune (India). HEROSE now holds 51 % of the shares, while the other 49 % remain with the existing owner, the Indian Ador Group. vc spoke to Dirk Zschalich about the takeover and about the further expansion of the HEROSE Group.



vc: Why this undertaking that came as a surprise even to the experts?
Zschalich: Our investment in MACK Valves is a logical step along our road to the further expansion of the HEROSE Group. MACK Valves provides not only additional production capacities in important growth regions, but also brings in a very interesting portfolio of its own products. Together we are even closer to our worldwide customers and can show a presence on many additional markets.

vc: Why do HEROSE and MACK Valves complement one another so well?
Zschalich: During our negotiations, we quickly realised that we share a common vision. We want to offer our customers the whole spectrum of products for cryogenic applications. That means not only gases for industry and, for example, the foodstuffs and health sector, but also LNG and hydrogen for transport by sea, land and in the air. Alternative energies are already in the process of significantly changing the rules of the game when it comes to mobility – and both companies are outstandingly positioned in this sector.
MACK Valves is furthermore an extremely customer-oriented company that is able to quickly bring new products to the market. Our new partner brings additional capacities to growth markets, thus strengthening our global supply chain – allowing us to be faster and closer to the customer. The newly added capacities in additional time zones on three continents also enable our teams to develop and produce around the clock.

vc: What advantages can HEROSE and MACK Valves customers look forward to?
Zschalich: In short: Better service, better availability, punctual delivery and innovative products. Together we will generate synergies for our customers – including procurement, distribution and service. Of course that can only function as part of an interactive process and it will take time – but the kick-off from our side won’t be long in coming. And I’m looking forward to it.

Photo at the top: MACK Valves

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